Feb 28 17 6:44 AM

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Someone on here I think, mentioned he had to take a cow to the vet to have a foreign object ( splinter ) removed from her jaw. But as usual on FB I can't find that post, so I will start a new discussion and offer some additional advise that is not covered in this article.

This condition is known as Lumpy jaw


Here is are some helpful hint from your uncle Harv.

If you are feeding hay that has been kept in a barn, let is stand outside for 3 – 5 days before feeding to allow it to absorb some moisture. This will help the stems to crush instead of splintering when eaten.

This will also help to avoid pinkeye as there will be less dust that could irritate the eyes and cause pinkeye and also respiratory problems. Plus, standing you round bale of hay on end when feeding will also help alleviate some of these same problems.

Hope this helps