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And now we cattlemen have a whole new problem to deal with, as excess iron is a copper antagonist and copper is what controls the immune system. So they have replaced excess sulfur (sulfuric acid )which causes PEM with excess iron which will also cause PEM in cattle and is also passive to humans.

And who knows what those *** “other minerals “ *** are!

Bottom line: WE cattlemen still have to have all feed stock tested before we can feed it and adjust our mineral and trace minerals accordingly.

Ethanol Producer Magazine

By Debbie Sniderman | February 10, 2017

“ Vertex DDGS Enhancer is composed of finely ground food-grade minerals. It works by micro-encapsulating DDGS fibers to keep them from sticking together. The added minerals adhere to the grains like a coating and absorb excess moisture, allowing the DDGS to flow. The treatment adheres best to the grains when blended with DDGS after they are dried and cooled. Improved safety is an additional benefit, as reduced clumping aids front-end loading operations. A patent-pending delivery system applies the precise amount of mineral blend using rotary valves, airlocks and screw conveyors. NABP offers indoor and outdoor versions of the Vertex System to accommodate different plant configurations.

Vertex changes the nutritional profile of DDGS ** increasing iron, calcium and other minerals ** and acts as a natural intestinal detoxifying agent. The natural additive in Vertex also enhances the color of DDGS, making it lighter and scoring higher on the Hunter L scale. Seaton says the feed industry recognizes there is value to the color of feed and prefers this color enhancement. The Hunter L score of DDGS at the Tharaldson Ethanol customer site increased five or six points with the addition of Vertex, he says, opening new markets. Seaton adds Vertex has generally recognized as safe status and is compliant with the new Food Safety and Modernization Act regulations. “


“During trials, one plant was able to use more syrup in their DDGS, which helped increase DDGS yield.”


“ Carter says DDGs are sent out for nutritional testing every day, and the values of calcium and iron increased. “This is one less thing the end user has to do, purchase calcium or iron to supplement into their feed. It’s a cost the consumer is getting back that we’re taking care of,” he explains. “


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