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A downer at birth

The answer is :


And that applies to both people and animals or you could do more harm then good.

OK, here's the thing IMO.

Pain is there to tell her/you not to do what you are trying to do. When the pain lessens, then you will be able to do what you want to do.

The 3 most common things that causes a downer after giving birth are:

A. exhaustion ( pain is not a real factor )

The cow is just plain old worn out. She doesn't have enough energy left to get up.

So the treatment is: give her water and nothing else to hydrate her and give her time to rejuvenate herself to get up on her own. A small amount of pelletized feed is permissible three times a day, but no hay as it will cause her to push to defecate. This could take up to 1 day.

B. Sciatica, pain is a factor, and is stopping her from getting up so the treatment is the same as above.

This could keep her down for 2 days or more. If she shows signs of an honest attempt to get up, aspirin can be administered for pain and inflammation, if you don't have a vet available.

C. pelvic injury. Pain is a factor and she should be on continual aspirin as prescribed, or as the vet prescribes. This could last for as much as a week for healing. If you can determine only exhaustion is the only cause she is a downer, then and only then should you attempt to get her to her feet or you most likely will hinder the healing or cause more damage.

Far aspirin I use:


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