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I am not sure where I could find a workable nich

I rarely ever recommend anyone just starting out in the cattle business look for a niche market to go into. You would be far better off starting out by using only one segment of the existing beef supply chain. Ie cow/calf, baby calves, feeder calves.

By doing this you will have a ready existing supply and demand for your end product. Where as with a niche operation there is a limited supply which will cause you to invest more and you will have to develop your own demand/market.

In short, niche markets are more risky and require more investment money and time.

All of which effects profitability and may not fit your operation or personal life.


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It is more like an expensive hobby

Now that you got right, if it's not done correctly.

As with many other hobbies I have even seen hobby farmers end up in a divorce over it.

The two main causes being finances and time. ( time spent away from spouse and family )

What will separate you from being a hobby farmer is showing a profit and therefor you must keep records. You don't need to micro manage, all you need is a simple monthly cost/income statement.

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